Exportory Ranking Map

Our solution for Corporates is Exportory Ranking Map: we have aligned our Algorithmic Business Intelligence engine and Big Data for creating the best marketing tool for your cross-selling strategies.

We offer a Top 10 Ranking heat map with a very limited number of inputs.

Our heat map is composed of the countries ordered by lower risk for the user and the key metrics of that product in each of its ten most interesting markets.

How does it benefit your clients?

  • Find their most secure countries where they should export their products
  • Discover in which countries they can export
  • Toma de decisiones.
  • Decision making support. The tool responds in real time:
    •What if my product were 10% cheaper?
    •What if my team spoke French?
    •What if…?

Exportory Ranking Map puts at your disposal the latest in our technology to help you develop cross-selling strategies for your exporting clients and lead generation for your company.

How does it benefit your company?

  • Stimulates the international activity of your exporting clients
  • Promotes the commercialization of specific products for exporting clients
  • Increase your brand positioning as a corporate specialized in internationalization
  • Enhance relationships and customer loyalty by adding value to their strategic decisions