EUtrade Policy: What is, Why it matters

From November 26 to 28 in Brussels, the EUtrade Policy event took place: What is, Why it matters, meeting organized by the European Commission’s General Trade Office.

The meeting was aimed at European professionals under 35 years of age and who developed their professional activity in the field of international trade, with a total of 80 young people from various EU countries and 12 from Spain.

Javier Expósito, CEO of Exportory and member of the Board of Jovempa Alcoià Comtat i Foia, was the representative of JOVEMPA Federation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs of the Province of Alicante.

We leave his trip review:

“A tennis ball has crossed 11 countries before hitting the grass of a Wimbledon track”, so provocative started the day of the first day of # EUTrade Policy Day in Brussels. Ahead we had three intense days of talks, round tables and a lot of economics.

Europe faces a significant economic challenge, mainly due to the protectionist measures of some of the world’s major powers and the gradual loss of prominence of the WTO (World Trade Organization).

In this context Jovempa was invited to these working sessions with the aim of publicizing the measures that are being taken from Brussels to combat the threats posed by these incipient protectionist policies of third countries for our economy and for our SMEs.

The EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström, highlighted strategies that are being carried out such as remodeling the WTO seeking multilateral solutions that group the different world powers or the need to enhance ecological and economic sustainability in the signing of TFAs (Treaties of Free Trade) with third countries.

Finally, the firm commitment of the European Union to increase the transparency with which it works is adopted, with the aim of making the European citizen feel more involved in decisions that, even if they are taken several hours away, affect in a direct to our businesses.

Javier Expósito

CEO de Exportory y Tesorero de Jovempa Alcoià-Comtat i Foia