Services to the Administration

Consulting for accessing European funding

Our consulting services focus on helping the Administration optimize its resources and take advantage of available European funding opportunities. We have a team of experts in accessing European funds that provide personalized guidance and technical assistance throughout the process.

Preparation of European Projects

Our goal is to support the Administration in preparing solid and successful European projects. We work closely with our clients to identify the specific needs and priorities of each project and develop effective strategies to maximize funding possibilities.

Next Generation: Consulting and Mentoring

Within the Next Generation funds, we offer consulting and mentoring services designed to help public entities make the most of funds allocated to economic recovery and transformation. Our team of experts provides strategic advice, identifies funding opportunities, and supports the implementation of innovative and sustainable projects.

City Planning: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Accessibility, Participatory Strategies, Territorial Diagnostics, etc.

In the field of urban planning, we offer specialized services in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans focused on promoting efficient, environmentally friendly, and socially inclusive mobility. Our urban planning experts work closely with local authorities to design participatory strategies that involve the community in decision-making and ensure the creation of accessible and sustainable urban environments.

Additionally, we provide territorial diagnostic services to analyze and evaluate the current state of a specific area, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities. These territorial diagnostics allow us to thoroughly understand the characteristics and specific needs of each territory, helping us design strategies and solutions tailored to their particularities.