The Tax Agency insists on making us think that the year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st. I have always thought that this is not the case, they are wrong.

The year starts on September 1st, I’m totally sure. Okay, what I’m not so sure about is when it ends … You must be thinking that August 31st, or well, July 30th, or maybe August 15th (our estimated freelance week) …

In any case, if there is one thing I consider to be true in this life (aside from paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin: death and taxes), it is that the year begins in September. It is September the month that everything begins and, as people who run companies, we know that September is the best month to start projects.


  • The academic year begins, stores know it
  • It is one of the most positive months of the year (yes, that’s what psychologists state)
  • And most importantly, we have all those ideas that came up over the summer and that NOW is the time to carry them out.

It is true, we are experiencing an unprecedented health and economic situation. We are seeing how unemployment levels rise again and how domestic demand contracts. Oh my friend, do you remember the 2008 recipe for our companies to survive? Indeed, export.

It could bore you with a lot of statistics on how other countries (European, without going any further) are keeping their economies afloat. However, I dare to say that for you all those statistics do not make a big difference. The real difference is made by the fact that your company can position itself and cover demand in those markets, after all, until recently, everything was starting to get better.

As a consultant and also an entrepreneur, if your company has survived confinement and this complex summer, I can only congratulate you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now we are facing an open sea and it is time to drop our sails and sail. The time is now.

Javier Exposito
Exportory CEO

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