There is no doubt, we are facing a troubled time.

Mind you, it’s not me who says that, you can read it in every newspaper every day. But, what has happened? The answer, as greatest Dylan would say, is “blowing in the wind” … Nobody seems to know how to stop this situation or why it has happened in the first place.

We speak, as you must be wondering, of the complicated geopolitical scenario: the much-mentioned “commercial war” and the no less feared Brexit.

As we published in a previous post, a few months ago I participated in the EU Trade Policy Day event in Brussels, where the role that Europe should play in this convoluted chessboard was exposed.

However, in my opinion, as export companies we must put the focus on what affects us and not let ourselves be carried away by the courses of those waves that have not yet reached us. In other words, why don’t we concentrate on solving the problems we have on the table and worry about geopolitical problems when they really affect us?

It is true, Mr. Trump can increase the tariffs of your product in the US market and ruin your commercial strategy, but could not any other country do it? China? Should you really stand still in the American market or does it make more sense to continue opening your own way?

In Exportory we have applied that story, we have decided to stop reading the Twitter profile of this man to monitor the tariffs of all your products in the United States. In this way, if tariff really raises for your product you will be the first to know.

And what about Brexit?

It depends entirely on the conditions with which the exit is finally given: if a Free Trade Agreement were signed between the United Kingdom and Europe (this would be the most desired) or, on the opposite, if the conditions of the so-called MFN were applied. (This would mean a tariff increase).

As of today it is totally unpredictable to know which of the two ways will be the one taken, so in this case, in Exportory we have chosen to closely follow the evolution of the negotiations to be prepared and update our systems as soon as possible with the decision that is finally made in the United Kingdom.

We know that these issues really worries you, that’s why we not only want to continue being your travel companions, but also we will be totally updated to be able to give you the best response just when you need it the most.

Keep on going!

Javier Exposito

Exportory CEO

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